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This site is wholesale and minimum 1/2 Trailer Load (12,000 board feet)
Trucking will be for a full T/L even it is a half load.
Hours of operation 8:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time Zone.
Monday through Friday

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Internet Lumber Sales

Offered by


Robert Tibbetts
Independent Sales Representative
Specializing in Eastern White Pine

Wholesale Only
TrailerloadsAvailable Products
All KD EWP grades: Industrial to D & Btr., Furniture Pine and No. 2 Cuts (Shop)


Sitka & White Spruce Guitar booksets, Tonewood & Piano Soundboards available
24px quantities of Guitar wood, Tonewood, Dulcimer and Harp wood
Archtop Guitar, Archtop Mandolin blocks and wedges
Quarter sawn Bracewood 1X2 through 1X8
available for Fedex / UPS shipments
Spar & Mast grade also in available in 24px lots by Common Carrier Collect

Tonewood / Guitar link
Thickness: 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4.

Surfacing: S2S, S4S, and roughLog Cabin Timbers
I do not buy or sell logs, rounds or posts only sawn material
Rough Green Log Cabin Cants
KD available
6X8″, 8X8″, 8X10″, 10X10″, 12X12″, R/L 8′-16′

4X6, 4X8, 4X12, 6X6, 6X12

Timbers are available up to 40′

Rough Green White Cedar Log Cabin Cants


Alaskan Yellow Cedar & Western Red Cedar Cants
8′ to 20′

Special orders for timbers up to 50′


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Primed Finger Jointed Pine Products: 1X3 through 1X12 S4S; 1/2X6 Bevel Siding
Primed Finger Jointed Pine Moulding
Unprimed Fingerjoint Pine also available
Clear Edge Glued Pine Panels , Finger Jointed Pine PanelsClear Pine Cut Stock
Western Pines
Ponderosa Pine
Sugar Pine
Engleman Spruce
KD Spruce 2X6 Decking
Hardwood Dimension
Hardwood Mouldings
Hardwood Plywood (door skins)
(See Odds & Ends)
Maple & Birch Flooring

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