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This site is wholesale and minimum 1/2 Trailer Load (12,000 board feet)
Trucking will be for a full T/L even it is a half load.
Hours of operation 8:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time Zone.
Monday through Friday

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Internet Lumber Sales

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Robert Tibbetts
Independent Sales Representative
Specializing in Eastern White Pine

Wholesale Only
TrailerloadsAvailable Products
All KD EWP grades: Industrial to D & Btr., Furniture Pine and No. 2 Cuts (Shop)


Sitka & White Spruce Guitar booksets, Tonewood & Piano Soundboards available
24px quantities of Guitar wood, Tonewood, Dulcimer and Harp wood
Archtop Guitar, Archtop Mandolin blocks and wedges
Quarter sawn Bracewood 1X2 through 1X8
available for Fedex / UPS shipments
Spar & Mast grade also in available in 24px lots by Common Carrier Collect

Tonewood / Guitar link
Thickness: 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4.

Surfacing: S2S, S4S, and roughLog Cabin Timbers
I do not buy or sell logs, rounds or posts only sawn material
Rough Green Log Cabin Cants
KD available
6X8″, 8X8″, 8X10″, 10X10″, 12X12″, R/L 8′-16′

4X6, 4X8, 4X12, 6X6, 6X12

Timbers are available up to 40′

Rough Green White Cedar Log Cabin Cants


Alaskan Yellow Cedar & Western Red Cedar Cants
8′ to 20′

Special orders for timbers up to 50′


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Primed Finger Jointed Pine Products: 1X3 through 1X12 S4S; 1/2X6 Bevel Siding
Primed Finger Jointed Pine Moulding
Unprimed Fingerjoint Pine also available
Clear Edge Glued Pine Panels , Finger Jointed Pine PanelsClear Pine Cut Stock
Western Pines
Ponderosa Pine
Sugar Pine
Engleman Spruce
KD Spruce 2X6 Decking
Hardwood Dimension
Hardwood Mouldings
Hardwood Plywood (door skins)
(See Odds & Ends)
Maple & Birch Flooring

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Khatri and several of her co-workers reported getting personal charges from Genentech, a few of that have been for serving over the steering committee from the trial. Many researchers reported various economic ties to businesses involved with cerebrovascular disease treatment. Dr. Power reported having no disclosures. Supply: Khatri P et al. JAMA. 2018;320[2]:156-66.. Alteplase, aspirin provide similar functional outcomes after nondisabling stroke Treatment with alteplase vs. Aspirin didn’t improve functional results at 3 months in sufferers with minimal nondisabling severe ischemic heart stroke in the randomized stage 3b PRISMS trial. At 3 months following a small stroke judged to become nondisabling, a good functional outcome – thought as modified Rankin Size rating of 0 or 1 – occurred in 122 of 156 individuals who received alteplase and in 128 of 157 who received aspirin , wrote Pooja Khatri, MD, from the University or college of Cincinnati, and her co-workers. Continue reading

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