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Eastern White Pine

(Pinus Strobus)
     Lightweight, soft, even-textured and easily worked, Eastern White Pine is probably the least resinous of all pines. It does not swell or shrink greatly with moisture content changes and displays remarkable durability as shown by large number of houses built of Eastern White Pine in New England 200 and more years ago.  Because of these desirable characteristics, Eastern White Pine uses include millwork, knotty pine paneling, siding and boards for boxes, crates, coffins, boats, woodenware and novelties.

Grade: NELMA  2A and Better Furniture
    NELMA’s Eastern White Pine grade descriptions define the limiting characteristics (knots, holes, splits, etc.) allowed in each grade (quality level).  While the grades describe the poorest condition acceptable, it is unlikely the maximum size or number of these characteristics would be present in any board.  Because Eastern White Pine grading rules are developed for appearance rather than structural use, it is possible a board of otherwise exceptional quality may have a characteristic larger than listed in the grade while a board with an unusual combination of characteristics which may be excluded affect serviceability seriously.

    Furniture pine is selected stock having well distributed, sound, tight red knots that will provide sound cuttings of a fixed percentage on the good face.  The minimum size is 3″X2″, the thickness, width, length and allowable number of cuttings is stated.  The red knotted cuttings are joined together to produce furniture of exceptional beauty.  The “Standard NELMA Grading Rules for Northeastern Lumber” shows all allowable grade characteristics.