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According to a fresh Rutgers University research.

Whenever a TBI occurs, Firestein said, a violent blow towards the relative mind can lead to the discharge of abnormally high concentrations of glutamate, which under normal circumstances can be an important chemical for memory and learning. But an overproduction of glutamate, she stated, causes toxicity that leads to cell harm and loss of life. In the Rutgers study, scientists found that when both of these FDA-approved medicines were put into damaged cell cultures in the laboratory, the glutamate had not been able to send out emails between nerve cells. This ceased cell harm and loss of life, Firestein said. Further research must be achieved, she said, in pets and human beings to see whether these drugs may help prevent brain harm and nerve cell loss of life in humans following a traumatic brain injury.During high temperature waves, children will be suffering from respiratory disease, kidney disease, electrolyte imbalance, and fever. Temperature waves are also proven to exacerbate things that trigger allergies and polluting of the environment which impact kids more seriously than adults for their underdeveloped respiratory and immune system systems and because they inhale and exhale quicker than adults. The authors write that hotter temperatures may expand the number of vector-borne illnesses also, like the Zika virus which, following 2015 epidemic, provides profoundly affected the entire lives of kids and their own families across Latin America as well as the Caribbean.